About Artist


Photo: Marek Wesołowski

Anna Maria Rusinek (born in Busko-Zdrój, Poland, in 1977) attended the state secondary school of fine arts in Katowice and graduated with the Master of Fine Arts degree from the Pedagogical University of Cracow (under the tutelage of professor Stanisław Sobolewski). 

The artist creates her works on small canvas as well canvas of a large size. Currently, her works present mainly nudes or portraits. Her art is strongly inspired  by the art deco style – a style so closed to the artis’s heart – that mixed with her artistic sensiblity gives the works an exceptional, individual dimension. 

The artist’s style features throwbacks, presents her love for the past – not only in the intellectual or formal realm. Anna’s art can be described as the return of an earnest effort put into the use of artistic methods, so uncommon for the present day artists.

Anna Maria Rusinek presented her paintings in many individual exhibitions and her works hang in many private collections in Poland, Europe, and the United States.

The artist works also as a teacher, and runs professional art workshops for the entrants to universities of fine arts. She also paints commissioned portraits. 


‘Women and dragonflies of Anna Maria’

 ‘Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams.’



The artist is a someone who has a dual nature. She lives in a house and in her head. Sometimes she’s not present here or there. The artist has a double name or a second name. She splits her life into art and family life, and used to have friends, partners, or the other self. She is so passionate about artists such as Klimt or Rossetti but on the other hand, she does many ordinary things like any other person. You have no idea what is churning in the artist’s head when she is just simply walking into the meat counter. And you’d better not know what happens there. But if something tempts you to know about it, you should just visit this page, come over on the varnishing day, or just chat with the artist – it’s no big deal and maybe you’ll become friends with Anna Maria or her painting’ll just hang above your fireplace?Her works have neither political nor antireligious meaning. They’re not going to offend someone’s feelings, even if someone is looking at them considering one’s own perspective and beliefs and probably sees such aspects.

Her works are mesmerizing and disturbing. They are catching one’s eye with a vivid palette of colours and intriguing imagery. You need a longer while to analyse these paintings. Dragonflies, bees, ducks, irises, tulips, saxophones, flutes, trains – a plenty of them, appearing in various links. What do they mean? Perhaps the artist herself still doesn’t know. It’s not her who speaks – it’s her unconscious, her desires, fears, and her dreams. They just climb up the easel and settle on canvas when the artist creates her paintings toilfully. And one’s dreams should not be judged without any reflection or effort of deciphering the artist’s intentions. Yeats once wrote „Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams”. And this sentence should concern these people who want to talk about art and  speak through art.


Let’s look inside the world then, the world in which dragonflies, women, and their secrets will be always for us. Anna Maria invites you.


Text by Ewa Parma